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Mehndi Designs

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Henna has been used to adorn young women’s bodies as part of social and holiday celebrations since the late Bronze Age in the eastern Mediterranean. Henna was regarded as having “Barakah,” blessings, and was applied for luck as well as joy and beauty. It is a divine experience to adorn your body by henna for special events.
There is always debate why henna is called tattoo. Personally, I do not think Henna has been legally termed as tattoo. In old days henna was used for body decoration in addition to ornaments on special occasions like wedding or other festival and ceremonies. With globalization, in late 90s, it got popularity in western countries when various celebrities (like Madonna) used henna decoration on their performances. Since then it is becoming fashion trend and people are using henna designs just for fun. Since both permanent tattoo and henna are applied in skin for decoration, now it is termed as henna tattoo. But, be assured, it has no relation with permanent tattoo and gets off your skin in few days to couple of weeks.
Henna Easy Back Hands Mehndi DesignsEasy Back Hands Mehndi Designs videos & pictures is a temporary “henna tattoo designs” on skin. Henna or Hindi Mehndi are used in Asian and some African countries of the world. arabic mehndi designs are applied on hands and feet of women. Application of mehndi are usually occasional in Pakistan & India like women makes different and stylish Pakistani mehndi designs & India mehndi designs on wedding day, eid or other happy occasions. There are different mehndi color available in markets. Mostly Orange-brown color are used by brides and girls. Other colors are dark brown, red & bluish. Today different styles of easy mehndi designs 2013 are in fashion. That is, you can use diamontees, multi color beads or you can simply fill the gap of mehndi pattern with different colors and shades. This multi color mehndi look quite funky and stylish too.
Latest Eid Mehndi Designs For Back Hands 2012.Latest Pakistani and Indian Mehndi Designs are given here. Many Mehndi or Hinna designs are given here for free.Eid Special-Latest Mehndi Designs.Best Mehndi Designs For Hands : Here Are Some Best Mehndi Designs For Hands for asian girls and womens and girls from all over the world
Indian Bridal henna Arabic henna Artist will take you to the traditional, ethnic and creatively appealing to the experienced Bridal henna Artists Moods series of events to enjoy. Mehndi or henna designs are different for different situations. Arabic Mehndi Design Bride is like Eid (e) on, every girl in Mehndi Design is different.
The design of the whole hand, palm or back in shape, with the help of henna paste, always in fashion. Arabic henna designs are usually large, the hands of a flower, Indian mehndi involves fine, Lacy patterns, hand covering all the flowers and Paisley, as well as thin lines forearms. Traditional henna patterns are based on very simple shapes, circles, triangles and lines are essential.
Henna design, your feet do the painting, the beautiful and elaborate patterns, henna dye leads to the destruction of the plant leaves. Feet of popular designs, including flowers, leaves, tendrils, and abstract forms.
Mehndi Designs are latest & colorful fashion for girls. It is not use for only hands but it also use for hears & feats. Mehndi make attractive the front side of the hands as well as back side. Like its colored it makes our life colorful. girls are having craze for its latest & stylish designs. The colored of Mehndi enhance beauty their white hands & arms become more attractive with its color.Hands look more attractive as the design is so attractive & attracts more
A henna design is no longer a cultural symbol of the orient or the Middle East. It has enamoured the Wild West too. Now henna designs are hands in glove with the fascinating tattoo art work breaking cultural boundaries of Asia and America. Many artists have created a fusion with henna tattoo designs that depict the global acceptance of this ancient handy art. The rituals may be despised but the tradition carries on! Right from exquisite floral Arabic henna designs to traditional Indian bridal concepts, the application techniques and patterns have evolved over centuries. Brides, rock stars, musicians, singers and social butterflies flaunt fashionable patterns on the hands and feet and other visible body parts like the navel, neck, nape and back. Simple henna designs are cultural symbols that are not permanent like the tattoos, hence they are popular. They fade out and can be put again, just like the seasons that change and boost up the mood. All good henna hand designs come to an end but can be revived by the onset of the next social occasion in the calendar. Some of the best designs for henna can be sourced in books, online stores and pictures, albums at henna shops or beauty parlours. In India where the tradition of application of this beauty product is visible during the wedding season, it is also referred as henna mehendi designs. During the wedding season it is at its peak. These are typical patterns that symbolise the sacred occasion they are done for. For example, the bridal henna designs will show ‘rose bud’, mango seed (fertility), initials of the groom, pictures of king and queen, peacock feathers, Lord Ganesha and various flowers. The patterns will also be more intricate reaching the elbows. Even the feet are covered right up to the knees! The henna designs for hands for women other than the bride are not so elaborate. But every application takes not less then four hours to be made.

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